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Max output:                  500 mW(Green laser Class 3B)
Effective range:             960 m(Day)
                                      6,400 m(Night)

Beam divergence:         0.1°(focused)  

                                      5°* 1°(flood)

Bezel diameter:             40 mm
Housing diameter:        25.4 mm
Length:                          197 mm
Weight:                         249 g (including batteries)
Working temperature:  -25℃ - +50℃

Water resistance:          IP68, up to 5 m of submersion

Power supply:               1*18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
                                      or 2*CR123A

As a non-lethal weapon designed to incapacitate targeted personnel, HGLD5 has many advantages over its competitors. For example, the choice of semiconductor laser as its light source allows for not only light weight and compact size, but also a maximum output power of 500 mW. Other features of this game-changing product include:
 Multi-mode operation: Strobe, high, and 30%-100% dimming, selectable by the pressing and holding of a single button

 Continuous twist focusing that makes it easy to adjust the beam from spot to flood

 An optional Picatinny gun mount to mount the dazzler to a gun

 Durable quality with a lifespan as long as 10,000 hours.  Keep reliability in extreme environment.


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