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Our relentless pursuit for excellence and perfection pushes the boundaries of what a flashlight can do. Although no single flashlight is suitable for all circumstances, when you look for a lighting product to fulfill your tactical need, look no further than MicroFire: you are guaranteed a top-quality, ultra-reliable and most durable product that can help you complete the mission successfully and return safely.    
At MicroFire there is always a lighting product that can meet or even exceed your expectations. All products are designed, manufactured and tested for the most extreme  environment possible. We believe that MicroFire hand-held flashlights are the first choice for all military and law enforcement personnel as well as hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

Excalibur H20

Peak beam intensity: 1,000,000 cd

Range: 2,000 m

Beam divergence: 1.4°- 30°

Explorer H11

Peak beam intensity: 330,000 cd 

Range: 1,100 m
Beam divergence: 3°- 28°

Falcon H8

Peak beam intensity: 160,000 cd

Range: 800 m
Beam divergence: 2.4°- 24°

Challenger H5

Peak beam intensity: 50,000 cd
Range: 450 m
Beam divergence: 40°


Peak beam intensity: 9,000 cd
Range: 200 m

Beam divergence: 3° - 30°

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